New for 2016



The New Rite of Matrimony in the Catholic Church


As you probably know, from Easter 2016 the new Rite of Matrimony will be used in Catholic churches in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. With approval of the Liturgy Office, Redemptorist Publications has produced three new, practical and attractive resources to help everyone participate more fully in these services.

New RE GCSE Textbook from Redemptorist Publications

The New GCSE Religious Studies Course for Catholic Schools has been produced in consultation with the Catholic Education Service and the National Board of Religious Inspectors and Advisors, and AQA to map into their GCSE examination pathway.

This book is designed to serve the educational needs of pupils studying for GCSE Religious Studies under the new DfE specifications applicable from Autumn 2016.

  • Provide a stimulating experience of religious education for pupils in Catholic Schools

  • Help Students to be attentive to methodology distinctive to the Catholic tradition.

  • Provoke pupils to engage critically with ethical issues in contemporary society and develop values for living

  • Prepare students for examination success.

This unique textbook has been especially designed for use in Catholic schools at Key Stage 4.

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