Bidding Prayers for Sunday 1st May 2016

"We pray for the many thousands who face job insecurity and the possibility of redundancy, that they might find courage, security and hope for themselves and their dependents."


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My School Diary 2016

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The most trusted and widely used faith-based school diary - updated and now available to order!


Following on from its acclaimed launch in 2015, ‘My School Diary’ returns for the 2016-2017 school year.

New features for the 2016-2017 edition include:

•All new illustrations

•A fresh new look and feel to the design

•Improved functionality

•Updated and improved content and material



A School Diary Based on Christian Values

Designed to help primary school children develop strong Christian values, each week contains a double-page spread with a weekly diary alongside a Christian value explained in age-appropriate language with fun, engaging activities.

Inside you’ll find:

•       Engaging prayers and fun 'Did you know?' sections

•       Age appropriate Bible story or a modern tale that explains the value

•       Faith building, facts, puzzles, mazes, quizzes and colouring in

•       Motivation for children to participate and make positive choices

•       Read to use (no need to write in dates)

•       Space for recording homework reading and reminders

•       Holidays from various religions and traditions highlighted

•       Parent/Teacher signature to encourage home to school communication



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Also from Redemptorist Publications


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Bring the Gospel to the heart of your school


Designed to help children develop strong Catholic values and reinforce the positive ethos of Catholic primary schools.


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Parish bulletins

We offer a great range of parish bulletins to suit everyones needs.

The bulletins are available in a wide range of formats

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