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A Heart Which Sees

2016-11-24 13:40

Turning words into actions can be a challenge to our faith.

We often think about how we could be merciful and carry out a good deed, but putting this thought into action can be challenging.

A Heart Which Sees (activity cards for all the family) has been designed to help put our thoughts of mercy into action, and encourage us all to look at the world differently.

Each card has two hearts (thoughts) one for children and one for adults.  These hearts provide suggestions on how we can be merciful and perform a good deed. Examples include: donating unwanted clothes to charity or cheering up someone who is having a bad day.

The cards are designed to be given out, challenging people to come back with a story about what happens next.

These cards are available to buy online using the following link:


Have you recently been merciful and carried out a good deed?

Share your good deeds with us on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #heartswhichsee

The 5 best good deeds will win a pack of cards!

Share by the 12th December 2016 to be in with a chance of winning a pack.

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