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Bishop Richard Moth on the Prisons and Courts Bill

2017-04-20 08:21

“Prisons should never exist purely to punish offenders. It is extremely welcome that the most significant reform of UK prison law for over 50 years is introducing a statutory duty for prisons to provide reform, rehabilitation, and preparation for life outside.”

Bishop Richard Moth spoke recently to encourage the landmark Prisons and Courts Bill as it continues its passage through Parliament. As the Bishop for prisons, he continues to encourage government to understand prisons as places of reform and growth, and not just of punishment.

He continued: “In particular we are highlighting the importance of regular contact with families, good access to chaplaincy, and a prevailing standard of decency within prison walls. All of this is essential to rehabilitation and to respecting the dignity of those in prison - a dignity which is never lost despite what crimes may have been committed.” 
Redemptorist Publications is actively striving to help men and women in prison to find dignity and hope in prison through engaging with the Church.

Faith Inside: a guide for Catholics in prison, published in October 2016, is a high quality catechetical resource which has been written and published specifically for use in prisons. It combines simple language, colourful imagery and maximum flexibility so that the book can be used in group situations and also during periods of solitude. Prayers and poems written by inmates ensure that Faith Inside “pushes the right buttons” for prison chaplains and for those in their care.


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