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Br Royston's Vocation

2017-07-26 09:28

I grew up on a farm in South Wales, near the border with England, and although I didn’t come from a Catholic family, I eventually found my way into the Church through the influence of some good Catholic friends at University. The parish that became my home was run by the Benedictines of Belmont Abbey, and there I made friends with a little group of other guys my age, who were discerning their vocations.  


Although I held great fondness for the Archdiocese of Cardiff, I felt more drawn to the Religious life, and began to explore the different options available. After researching and looking into different orders and congregations, I decided to attend a vocations festival, ‘Invocation’, where a number of groups would be present for a weekend of prayer, talks, and workshops. There I met the Redemptorists for the first time. After a good chat with the vocation director, Fr Richard Reid, I was invited to visit one of the monasteries of the Congregation in Liverpool. The more I found out about this group of men, the more I liked, and the more it seemed as if they were the right ‘fit’. The spirituality, based on the Eucharist, the Incarnation and the Passion of Our Lord, and on the role of Our Lady, was appealing. The various apostolates, particularly preaching parish missions, were things that I could imagine doing for the rest of my life, and the combination of a sold life of community and prayer in the monastery, with the zeal for missionary work, was just what I was looking for.  


After a few more visits to Redemptorist communities around the country, I was asked if I’d like to apply to join. I took plenty of time to make sure that this was the right decision, but in the end I felt that I should at least give it a go, and if I wasn’t right for the Redemptorists, then I was sure it would become apparent – ultimately, only by trying to live the life could I see if it really was the right path or not. I started with the Redemptorists in 2012, aged 25, and I’ve been with the Congregation ever since, through studying Philosophy, a spiritual year as a Novice in Canada, and now in London, studying Theology. I’m passionate about finding other young men who might have a vocation to the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, and would encourage anyone reading this to a) Pray for vocations to the Redemptorists b) If you can think of someone who might make a good priest or brother, encourage and support them c) If you are a young (18-35) single Catholic man, who’s interested in exploring your vocation, get in touch with us at        

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