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Free Tickets for CRE Wales 2014!

2014-03-17 16:19

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If you have attended  a CRE before you will know that these events offer a huge range of resources for clergy, lay, teachers and all those involved in faith ministry. There will be organisations and exhibitors available who can help you address the practical and spiritual needs facing your church, school or community. There will also be practical and inspiring seminars and workshops, all packed into six hours in Cardiff that your church can’t afford to miss. To get free tickets please email us at or telephone our sales team on 01420 88222.

On our stand we will be featuring our very popular books and our excellent selection of parish bulletins. Please come and collect samples and talk to us about these high quality resources that help everyone in your parish participate in a Sunday service or develop their faith. We are also offering a FREE MONTH’S TRIAL for your parish and you can sign up on the spot if you wish with no further obligation.

We look forward to seeing you.

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