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Have you tried Ichthus?

2013-06-14 10:43

What is Ichthus?

Children who have celebrated their First Holy Communion often find a children's sheet too juvenile, while an adult sheet is not ideal. Ichthus is the Sunday liturgy sheet for this age group (8 years plus). This sheet has the text of the readings and the Gospel in age-appropriate language, additional teaching elements and prayers to help children participate at Mass fully. Ichthus will hold the attention of children who are beginning to get to know Jesus, the Church, and its rich history.

Ichthus guides the reader through the Mass service explaining why we do certain things and asking questions that engage the child, helping them see how their faith applies to their daily lives. 'Do you know?' sections reveal interesting facts, whilst 'Pray' and 'Do' suggestions equip the reader with prayers and activities to take into the week to live out their growing Catholic faith.

Click here for details on how to get a free month's trial for your parish!

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