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Jean Varnier Wins the Templeton Prize

2015-04-09 10:45


Jean Vanier, a Canadian Catholic philosopher, theologian and humanitarian has devoted his life to helping people with physical and intellectual disabilities, as well as creating a network of communities based on “a new form of family.” On 18th May 2015 he will be formally given the Templeton Prize in recognition of his advocacy for people with disabilities and his contributions to the exploration of helping weak and vulnerable people. 

In 1964 Varnier founded L'Arche, which is an international federation of communities for both people with developmental disabilities and as well as those who assist them. Around the world, L’Arche is organized into smaller groupings of independent, locally operated agencies which are referred to as communities. Each L'Arche community normally comprises a number of homes and day programs. 

The Templeton Prize honors people who has made outstanding contributions to affirming life’s spiritual dimension. Some of the previous recipients include Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama.

To celebrate Jean Varnier's award we will be offering A Month Among the Vines by Andrew Proctor at the SPECIAL OFFER PRICE of only £3.95, RRP £7.95. 


In A Month Among the Vines Andrew Proctor spent a month's sabbatical living and working in a L'Arche community in France. Expecting a peaceful French idyll working alongside adults with learning difficulties in a vineyard, he was surprised to find back breaking labour, a plague of flies and many embarrassing moments. The experience brought him closer to God, whose plan, Andrew learned, does not always match his own. 

In this book he invites the reader to join him for a month, reflecting day by day on his experiences and getting to know members of the community. We can share the challenges and surprises of that month and learn more about ourselves, our faith and our God. 

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