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Lent Extra 2015 Available Now!

2015-01-26 13:55

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We are currently taking orders for Lent Extra 2015. If you purchase Lent Extra before the end of January, then you will receive the equivalent number of free mass prayer cards for the first Sunday of Lent for FREE!  

This year’s edition of Lent Extra is associated with the holy ground on which Jesus lived, died and rose again. Our contributors, each in their unique way, help us to see Jesus, both in his own time and surrounding, and also in ours. They invite us to walk the Way of the Cross with Jesus towards the joy of Easter Sunday. God spoke to Moses from the burning bush, telling him to remove his shoes, “for the ground on which you tread is holy”. Lent Extra, with its daily reflections and articles, challenges each of us to deepen our awareness of and sensitivity towards “holy ground” and discover the holiest ground of all: our hearts where God is to be found. 

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