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Lent is fast approaching!

2017-02-15 11:16

Lent is fast approaching! Why not take some time out to reflect with our inspiring range of books and daily reflections?

Stations of the Cross then and now provides us with the ideal opportunity to reflect on The Stations with both modern and traditional images, which bring Jesus’ journey to Calvary into the lives of people who are struggling and suffering today. 

tl_files/rpbooks/images/newsletter/Stations of the Cross high res.png

Price: £12.95 Product Code: 1735 ISBN: 9780852314722

Lent Extra 2017 helps us to accompany Jesus on his journey towards Good Friday and onwards to Easter Sunday. We also encounter people walking alongside him, such as Frankie Connor and Frank Cottrell Boyce, who are experiencing their Own Way of the Cross. 


Price: £1.95 Product Code: 1026

Reflecting on the Stations of the Cross is not limited to a particular audience or age group. Stations of the Cross: Journeying with Refugees is written by young people for young people. This modern interpretation is ideal for use in schools, parishes and for personal reflection.


Price: £1.95 Product Code: 1737 ISBN: 9780852314739

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