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Lord, help the people of Manchester

2017-05-23 09:25


The tragedy of the suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena is hammered home when a family member is “essential staff” at a nearby radio station, considered to be “a potential target”. Many other families have discovered that someone they love will not return home or is a patient in one of the receiving hospitals. Schools will have unexpectedly empty desks…

There has been another side to the disaster: hotels and restaurants offered their service and facilities, families provided overnight accommodation, complete strangers arrived with food and water for anxious parents as they desperately waited for news. Taxi drivers from across Manchester and nearby Liverpool forgot their traditional football rivalry, coming together to give free transport to the crowds of people, traumatised, confused and stranded in central Manchester. 

Loving Lord, faced, yet again, by violence which is so hard to understand, we pray for eternal rest for all who have died in the Manchester bombing. We ask you for healing for those who are injured and traumatised. Be the strength of the emergency services who deal with the aftermath of the suicide bomber’s actions. Help the helpers to give comfort and support. Help people everywhere to put an end to violence and bloodshed. Give us peace. Help the people of Manchester to grow through their pain. Amen.

Redemptorist Publications wishes to offer the prayerful solidarity of its staff, associates and readers to all those who have been affected by the unfolding tragedy of the Manchester Arena.

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