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New Marriage Rites

2015-12-11 09:49

From Easter 2016, the Catholic Church in England and Wales will be using a new set of texts for the marriage liturgy. Taken from the English translation of the Order of Celebrating Matrimony, these will be mandatory for all marriages celebrated in the Catholic Church in England and Wales from 27 March 2016 – the previous text may no longer be used from that date. This is part of the series of new translations of the Catholic liturgical rites, the first of which to be published was the Missal.

Although this is a new translation, many of the texts used during the marriage service remain familiar, including the words of the vows:

“…to have and to hold from this day forward,

for better, for worse,

for richer, for poorer,

in sickness and in health,

to love and to cherish

till death do us part”.

Redemptorist Publications will be publishing three versions of the rites:

The Order of Celebrating Matrimony within Mass
The Order of Celebrating Matrimony without Mass
The Order of Celebrating Matrimony between a Catholic and a Catechumen (i.e. someone seeking baptism as a Catholic) or a Non-Christian.

The first two of these replace our previous publications The New Marriage Book and The Rite of Marriage outside Mass, the texts of which will no longer be authorised for use in the Catholic Church.

These new publications include all that is needed for the celebration of marriage in these three different circumstances, presented in a format that is clear and easy to use. They include a variety of alternative texts where appropriate, and a selection of bidding prayers. The Order of Celebrating Matrimony within Mass also includes a selection of well-loved hymns that may be used during the celebration.

Commenting on the new translation, the Chair of the Department of Christian Life and Worship, Archbishop George Stack, said:

“These new translations explore the riches of the scriptural, theological and pastoral implications of the beautiful moments of life in which we encounter God in deeper ways.”

We hope our customers will find that these publications help them towards a real enjoyment and appreciation of every celebration of the sacrament of marriage, which is such a beautiful and vital part of our Catholic life.

Fr Peter Edwards, Priest of the Diocese of East Anglia

December 2015

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