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Prayer for those affected by fire at Grenfell Tower

2017-06-14 14:34



Loving Lord, today there are so many people suffering as a result of the fire in Grenfell Tower in London. 

Most of us are at a distance and are following events through the media, but there are also those whose experience was at first hand. We cannot imagine the fear and the helplessness which men, women and children knew as they faced the flames. 

We ask you, Lord, to give eternal life to those who died, healing to the injured and traumatised, comfort to those who lost family, friends, acquaintances, homes and belongings and success to those who are desperately searching for people they cannot find.

We also remember the emergency services and the have-a-go heroes who risked their own lives in order to rescue as many people as possible. They did all that they could but are left wishing that they could have done more to help.

Bless the many individuals who have offered food, clothing and basic necessities so that people who are now homeless and must recover from a tragedy they had never expected will know that they are not alone.

Be with the staff and volunteers in reception centres who offer love and support in a situation they never thought they would face.

Loving Lord, just pour out your love on the many people who are so desperately in need of you at this time.

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