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Prayer works miracles

2016-01-15 09:29

Pope Francis recalled the story of a man in Buenos Aires whose 9-year-old-daughter was dying in hospital. He said he spent the night at the shrine of the Virgin of Luján clinging to the gate and praying for the grace of healing. The next morning, when he returned to the hospital, his daughter was healed: “Prayer works miracles", declared the Pope. "It works miracles for Christians, whether they be faithful laypeople, priests, bishops who have lost compassion. The prayers of the faithful change the Church:  it’s not us popes, bishops, priests or nuns who carry the Church forward, but Saints. Saints are those who dare to believe that God is the Lord and that he can do everything”.

…and in case you think that you have quite a way to go before you are made a saint, don’t forget that one definition says that “a saint is the person who kept on trying when everyone else gave up” – and we can all keep on trying for a little while longer, can’t we?

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