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Review of Praying the Rosary from The Catholic Times

2014-10-16 08:06

October, the month of the holy rosary opens with a 'wow! factor' in Praying the Rosary: A Journey through Scripture and Art.

This is the latest book to come from Fr Denis McBride, who describes himself as "a lifelong student of the scriptures".

Using his twin passions of scripture and art, in Praying the Rosary, Fr McBride invites the reader to accompany him on a journey with clearly-defined stopping places in the lives of Mary, Jesus and the early Church.

Both scripture and art are inherently opportunities to pause, to ponder and thereby to be enriched ever more deeply by not rushing towards the next stop.

The language of Praying the Rosary is, therefore, one of companionship and friendly dialogue rather than of instruction.

It is not one more of how many 'how to' books, but is, rather, an invitation to rest, reflect and pray.

The starting point of the pilgrimage through Praying the Rosary is its cover photograph.

The exquisite 16th century painting of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception by Martínez Montañés from Seville Cathedral itself deserves a pause for thought.

From that point onwards, every decade of the rosary is accompanied by a work of art and a short reflection highlighting the essential messages of the masterpiece and, more importantly, of the Gospel passage which enshrines each Mystery.

Fr McBride has structured Praying the Rosary so that every decade is a complete unit.

It is an attractive book which carries its loveliness through its uncomplicated language and beautiful images.

Perhaps most important is the fact that the message is more important than the writer. That is why each decade begins with the Gospel and ends with a prayer.

As St Alphonsus Liguori once remarked: "Since his delights are to be with you, let yours be found in him."

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