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Shine new light on your parish Holy Week reading

2017-03-29 10:56

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In these final weeks before Easter use these powerful images and meditations to enrich your parish.You’ve never experienced the Stations of the Cross like this before; some of the images chosen may shock you but they will demonstrate how the passion story in all its savagery continues in our own time. In his new book, Fr Denis McBride contrasts solemn, traditional Stations by artist Curd Lessig with modern images that challenge us to link Jesus’ story to the struggle of our everyday lives. 


The Gospel best comes alive when the story of Jesus resonates deeply within our heart and our personal experience. Let The Stations of the Cross – then and now shine new light on your own journey and share the experience with your parish.

Fr Sunith, of St Anthony's parish, did just that when he encouraged his parishioners to join with him and share the experience. He said "This is a rare opportunity to buy a spiritual book that will enrich the final weeks of Lent. This book from Fr Denis takes the original book from Alphonsus Liguori to a higher level showing Stations of the Cross in the modern life.

 I think this book is a brilliant exercise to deepen our faith not only during the period of Lent, but any time of the year. The suffering that happened 2000 years ago is still happening in the modern world and Fr Denis McBride is inviting us to reflect about the pain people are going through now. The book touches human hearts very deeply." Fr Sunith told Redemptorist Publications "I wanted my parishioners to know this and that is why I am encouraging them to read this particular book.”

 After meeting Fr Denis, Fr Sunith purchased 50 copies from Redemptorist Publications and told his congregation about the book. He sold all the books in one weekend and ordered ten more copies. He is planning to use his 15% discount to contribute to the Easter Flower Fund so all his parishioners will benefit.

If you would like your parishioners to experience the Via Dolorosa anew, order your copies now, in time for Holy Week. 

To benefit from a 15% discount, order more than 10 copies direct from our customer care team:

Every copy comes with a free prayer card and free delivery in the UK.


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