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Some things are beyond price!

2016-05-05 09:15

Roses of every possible colour transformed the hillside: red, yellow, pink… As a surprise for his wife, the multi-millionaire had paid tens of thousands of pounds for the laying out of a rose garden two days before her arrival at their new bungalow. Two years later, the house was on the market.

The gardener guided two prospective (mere millionaire) buyers around the still-furnished property with its deep-pile white carpets, gold bath taps, white faux-fur bedspreads and spiral staircase descending into the centre of the vast living room. There was the garden, complete with its own teardrop-shaped swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi… but then the rose garden appeared as though from nowhere.

With justifiable pride, the gardener leaned on the wrought-iron gate. “Do you know which of those rose bushes is the best?” he asked. “Any idea how much it cost?” He pointed to one particularly beautiful specimen. The visitors hazarded a guess. They were wrong. With a mischievous grin, the gardener soon put them right. “That one was free with four gallons of petrol.”

Just because something is small and inexpensive does not mean that it is less precious than the large and valuable. We are expecting a tennis ball-sized uncut diamond to shortly go for auction. Preliminary estimates are that it could earn £35 million for its owners.

Just a small question: what price would you put on a small child’s wilting gift of a bunch of dandelions, gathered with love? Some things are beyond price!


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