February 2016

Fragile and Beautiful

2016-02-24 09:59

"You are going to experience much fragility. For this reason I wanted to use this image of something very fragile. Crystal is very fragile; it breaks easily. And Christ on the Cross is the most fragile of humanity; and yet with this fragility he saves us, helps us, makes us go forward, opens the doors of hope to us.

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Lent is the rainbow

2016-02-09 09:08

I want to take you to a place where you might never have been. want to take you to Auschwitz. You will have seen photographs in the newspapers and on television, so you can probably imagine the emaciated faces and bodies of men, women and children held captive in a concentration camp, the name of which will forever remain a symbol of horror and cruelty. I want you to imagine the huts and the crematoria surrounded by barbed wire. Even today, the soil is barren and a witness to scenes which we hope and pray will never happen again. Yet, in spite of Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Theresienstadt – and Guantánamo Bay – there is no peace in our world. Violence and cruelty have not ended. Human rights are still disregarded and human beings discarded in the clamour to satisfy human greed and the search for power at any cost.

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