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sunday bulletin

Sunday Bulletin is a thoughtful newsletter for those who want to spend a few weeks going a little deeper into one aspect of the faith. Drawing on some of the best spiritual and scriptural Catholic writers, Sunday Bulletin provides a 650-word article on a wide range of topics which run for a number of weeks in a small series. It also includes the entrance and communion antiphons, reading references, Gospel Alleluia and Psalm for Sunday Mass.


Current themes

9th July – 27th August 2017

A Journey through Catholic Literature: Roy Peachey looks at a selection of works by Catholic writers through the ages – and gives us some ideas for a good read. Roy Peachey is a teacher and writer.

3rd – 24th September 2017

Catholic Social Concern: Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder of the charity Mary’s Meals, reflects on the story of the charity and issues of Catholic social justice.

1st – 22nd October 2017

Catholic Women Artists: Joanna Moorhead, Catholic writer and broadcaster, looks at a selection of Catholic women artists.

29th October – 26th November 2017

Apocalyptic: Fr Henry Wansbrough OSB looks at biblical teaching on the end times, and the literature we know as “apocalyptic”. Fr Henry is a renowned Catholic biblical scholar, teacher and writer.

Who puts your newsletter together?

The editor of Sunday Bulletin is Peter Edwards.

Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards is an editor working at Redemptorist Publications. He has worked as a copyeditor since 1994, and is an Advanced Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. Peter currently manages and edits The Sunday Bulletin and The Living Word, two of our flagship products. For nearly fifteen years Peter has also been an assistant parish priest in the Diocese of East Anglia.

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