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Sunday Link is specially produced for Anglican Christians, and particularly designed to emphasise the “link” between our Christian faith and everyday life. There is an original reflection each week on one of the Sunday readings, which always aims to reveal something to us about our lives as Christians. This is coupled with an original prayer for you to pray on your own or with others. We also provide articles on various aspects of Christian life.


Current themes


Reflections on our readings

Throughout this Advent, Katharine Smith reflects on our Sunday readings. On Advent Sunday she reminds us that Jesus asks us to be awake and ready to greet his reappearance. The following Sunday she reads from Mark 1 about John the Baptist and wonders how many of us have a deep longing for a better way to live, as he promised. She imagines how the disciple John might have interpreted and reacted to the Baptist. On Christmas Eve we return to the Old Testament to 2 Samuel and David’s building plans: where will we be this Christmas, to meet God? And on the last day of the year, we find Mary treasuring her newborn son, who she knows is special. She trusts God to protect him, whatever the future holds.



Ring them bells

Jo Jones has been ringing bells since she was a teenager and in this short series, gives us a glimpse of what ringing is about.


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A day of two halves

On Christmas Eve, Julian Smith’s church works in two halves: Advent and Christmas are both happening, with different thoughts and meanings.

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Chaplain’s blog

Marcus Bull continues his mini-series from the view of an Anglican school chaplain. Instead of munching their way through their Advent calendars, his students give something each day – something to make a difference to someone in need. And he describes the school Christmas service at the local minster where chocolate seems to play a big part.

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Advent and Christmas in the village church

Heather Smith enjoys the Christmas Eve services, particular the last, the one at midnight. Regulars and occasional attenders alike come: all the while God is there, as we celebrate the Christ child.


A to Z of healthy living

Therese Garman continues her mini-series and is now up to U for Understanding.


Church fundraising

Heather Smith looks at the variety of attitudes to church fundraising, some dismissive, others seeing opportunities, not only to fund projects or manage the church and parish, but to include and encourage those who are on the outside.

Live the Word

Have you seen...

... Live the Word, a newsletter to sustain you through the week. This Sunday sheet for Anglicans details the readings through the week and offers a commentary. It also contains a carefully planned series of articles that will help readers enrich their prayer life. It is an A4 sheet with one side blank for parish notices. For a free month's trial contact our sales team on 01420 88222 or email

Who puts your newsletter together?

Sunday Link is edited by Caroline Hodgson, and designed by Peena Lad.

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Caroline Hodgson

Writer and editor Caroline Hodgson started working with Redemptorist Publications in 2005. She joined as Editor in 2014 and took on the role of Anglican Adviser in 2015. Before this she was a freelance writer and editor. She worked for academic journals and corporate clients, specialising in Christian publishing and communications. Among the publications she has written or edited for Redemptorist Publications are the two recent books for church schools: How to Survive as a Governor in a Church School (2016), and How to Survive Working in a Church School (2017). She currently edits RP's regular Anglican resources: The Christian Personal Planner, Common Worship Living Word, Live the Word and Sunday Link.

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