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Live the Word is an accessible, informative weekly publication. It is designed to keep Christians praying, reading the Bible and connecting with their faith all through the week.

Live the Word

Live the Word

This thought-provoking bulletin has a Sunday reflection that is sometimes focused on the Sunday Gospel, other times it is seasonally appropriate but most often writers guide readers on short thematic series. Recent enlightening themes have included: bellringing, rogationtide, the music of ordinary time and vocation. A reflection on the daily readings for the week ahead is featured on the left hand side of Live the Word and this engages the reader with the weekly scripture whether the succession of Solomon or Jesus’ ministry in Judaea. The weekly readings are neatly listed as well as the collect.


Tell us what you’d like to know!

Live the Word is designed to help to build us up in the knowledge and practice of our faith, so if you’d like our team of theologians and pastors to tackle particular issues in the future, do let us know.

Who puts your newsletter together?

Live the Word is edited by Caroline Hodgson. It has contributions from a number of regular writers, as well as some who are commissioned specially to explore topics in depth.

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Caroline Hodgson

Writer and editor Caroline Hodgson started working with Redemptorist Publications in 2005. She joined as Editor in 2014 and took on the role of Anglican Adviser in 2015. Before this she was a freelance writer and editor. She worked for academic journals and corporate clients, specialising in Christian publishing and communications. Among the publications she has written or edited for Redemptorist Publications are the two recent books for church schools: How to Survive as a Governor in a Church School (2016), and How to Survive Working in a Church School (2017). She currently edits RP's regular Anglican resources: The Christian Personal Planner, Common Worship Living Word, Live the Word and Sunday Link.

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If you would like a free month's trial of this parish bulletin, without any further obligation, you just have to ask and as long as we have sufficient stocks, we will provide you with copies immediately.  Let us know how many copies you require each week, your parish name and delivery address and we will send you enough to cover a full month in your parish absolutely free.