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Plus is a bright and upbeat weekly bulletin for today’s Catholic. Covering a multitude of topics, Plus helps readers engage their faith with the often challenging reality of day-to-day life. Written in a popular style, yet underpinned by solid pastoral theology, Plus is ideal for all Catholics who wish to make their experience of faith truly transformational.


Current themes


Searching for Jesus

Mary Bell examines the culture of moaning and how the hope we find in Jesus can help us tackle the everyday trials and bigger challenges. A charming anecdote is the vehicle that Dom Dominic Mansi OSB uses to teach us that we cannot capture God. Instead we should be still and wait for him to find us. Sr Janet Fearns shares a moment of unexpected calling in a university laboratory!


Basic needs

Comparing the lot of the man with leprosy from today’s Gospel reading with the modern problems of being a social outcast, Mary Bell reiterates the importance of connecting with the “odd ones out” in our communities. Jo Siedlecka shares that small acts of kindness can be all it takes to brighten someone’s day. Lourdes is famous for its miraculous healing but Dr Philip Alton discusses how the greatest miracle of healing takes place every day in our hearts.


Start afresh

For the 1st Sunday of Lent Eileen Cole speaks of how it is a time for transformation – death to our old habits and resurrection of Christ in our hearts and minds. Reconciliation is the focus of Dr Philip Alton’s reflection this week – Lent offers time to reflect, repent and be renewed. Des Kelly teaches us that temptation itself is not a sin and with the tools God has given us to resist we need not be lead to sin.


Awe and wonder

Sr Janet Fearns shares the little-known story of Dr Jean Meiklejohn – an inspiring missionary whose life and sacrifice can teach us of the value God places in each of us. Christ-like leadership shows compassion, patience and hospitality, and Fr Dominic Robinson makes a plea for us to follow this model. Dr Lucy Russell shares how problems with her vision due to her multiple sclerosis have enabled her to see the world differently.



Who puts your newsletter together?

The editors of Sunday Plus are Redemptorist priest and Biblical scholar Denis McBride, and Sr Janet Fearns, a Franciscan Missionary of the Divine Motherhood.

denis mcbride

Denis McBride

Before taking up his position as Director at Redemptorist Publications, Denis directed courses of study and personal renewal for priests, religious, and lay people at Hawkstone Hall. His principal areas of interest and writing have been the human story and the Gospels. You can find out more about Denis on his website.

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Sr Janet Fearns

Sr Janet lived and worked in Nigeria, Australia, Zambia and Rome as a teacher, nurse, midwife and radio broadcaster before coming to Redemptorist Publications. She has a passion for history and says that "writing is like breathing".

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