Bible/Scripture Where Does the Jesus Story Begin?

Where Does the Jesus Story Begin?

Where Does the Jesus Story Begin?

Denis McBride, C.Ss.R.



5 /5

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The four great narratives of Christian beginning – the Gospels – emerge from four different communities, facing different struggles and opportunities. Each Gospel not only hallows the Jesus story but takes into account the challenges facing each community. Each evangelist situates the story of Jesus in a different frame of understanding: Mark sets the adult Jesus story in the prophetic frame of Israel; Matthew situates the story in the expansive frame of the whole Jewish drama from Abraham; Luke’s context goes wider still, affirming that the Jesus story goes back to Adam; John breaks out of all human frames to celebrate the Jesus story in the context of eternity with God.Where does the Jesus story begin? This book reflects on the four different beginnings the Gospels provide to the life of Jesus, offering the readers keys that open up each of the Gospels in turn. Alongside that, there is the recurring question; where does your own story begin? Given who you are today, where would you say that story really started?

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