Saints & Biographies Writings of St Teresa of Avila

Writings of St Teresa of Avila

Writings of St Teresa of Avila

Eugene McCaffrey OCD



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St Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) is unrivalled as a teacher of prayer. Author of a large body of spirtual works – including her classic Life, Way of Perfection and Interior Castle – she has inspired countless readers throughout the ages. Yet most people know very little about the writings of Teresa. How much did she produce, and did it come easily? What compelled her to take up her pen and what does she want to tell us. These are some of the questions addressed in this new book, brought out to mark the centenary year of Teresa's birth. In a fluent and popular style, it introduces us to the vibrant person of Teresa and the times in whichshe lived. Most of all, it contains an informative survey of each of her writings, the story of their composition and the themes that form the kereal of her message. This helpful and inspiring book is born of the author's conviction that nothing in the universe is more intenseley alive and acive than contemplative prayer.

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