Christian Living Searching for Serenity

Searching for Serenity

Searching for Serenity

Jim McManus CSsR & Stephanie Thornton



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ISBN: 9780852313800
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In this book, Jim McManus and Stephanie Thornton take an honest look at every aspect of old age. They show how, far from being a time of loss of health, the vigour of youth, the occupations which have been the basis of our identity, of those we love, and possibly even our mental faculties, it is instead one of God¹s most wonderful gifts. It is a time for real spiritual growth. Each chapter contains a meditation as a practical exercise in deepening our understanding of ageing, and discovering how it affects us as individuals. This book will help anyone believer or non-believer who is facing old age, or is curious about how they will cope with it, or wants to understand what a loved one is going through.

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