Christian Living From Fear to Faith

From Fear to Faith

From Fear to Faith

Gary Zimak



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ISBN: 9780764824920
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Gary Zimak lights the path to freedom for anyone who has ever felt weighed down with worry. Even though the Bible tells us to "be not afraid" it's next to impossible to follow that advice when faced with life's big and small what ifs. Chronic worrier Gary Zimak is no stranger to fear and anxiety, and in From Fear to Faith he shares his process for overcoming common and wearying fears and embracing the calm strength of faith through his 5-P method. As Gary says, by doing what we can and letting God take it from there we can start feeling less anxious and more at peace today! Gary's biblical examples, prayers and personal stories will help you start your journey from fear to faith as soon as you're ready. From what to pack to who needs to join you on the ride, Gary ensures you're prepared for whatever anxiety-inducing situations meet you on your journey.

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