Prayer and Spirituality Gift of Spirituality (The)

Gift of Spirituality (The)

Gift of Spirituality (The)

Roibert F Morneau



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ISBN: 9781627851527
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A richer, more fulfilling life is within reach of anyone, says Bishop Morneau; we simply need to be more attentive to God’s abiding grace within us, and share it with others. Here he outlines ten simple principles that can help us discover and immerse ourselves in God’s presence, even amidst the stresses and demands of modern life.What can cause our souls to stretch and expand, or shrink and contract? How can moments of holy solitude actually help us grow in community? Woven with insights from Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, Therese of Lisieux, and even Simon and Garfunkel, these and other questions are beautifully addressed, with practical tips for growing in spirituality and becoming the loving, generous, and merciful people God wants us all to be.

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