Christian Living Care for the Dying

Care for the Dying

Care for the Dying

Dr S Evans & A Davison



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ISBN: 9781848254701
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This valuable handbook, written by a consultant palliative care physician and a theologian with experience of hospice ministry, addresses in practical terms the needs of dying patients and their relatives, recognising that these needs are not only physical but also emotional and spiritual. It combines insights from current best practice in palliative care, pastoral experience and theological reflection to explore: the mystery of suffering communicating with the family and caring for the bereaved responding to a request for assisted suicide forgiveness, reconciliation, anointing saying goodbyes and dying with dignity Throughout there is a helpful emphasis on team work and self-care: one of the key skills in this area is learning that this is a shared responsibility and privilege. Many people, including clergy, are fearful of what to say or do in such circumstances. This resource will increase courage and confidence.

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