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Sunday Message is focused on giving a practical application to the Sunday Gospel. Each week, an original exposition of the Gospel is provided, along with a short reflection encouraging the reader to relate it to their life; learning points, suggestions for action and original prayer material are also included. The full text of the readings at Mass are provided, along with the antiphons, the Gloria, Creed, Gospel Acclamation and Psalm.

Sunday Message

What do the parishioners think of Sunday Message?

'...Wonderfully nourishing, inevitably challenging and provide me with rich soul food.  Thank you all for that each week. I take it that most of the priests writing each week are Scripture scholars and it is so good to know that they share their knowledge and love of  the Scriptures with us weekly.'


Who puts your newsletter together?

The editor of Sunday Message is Redemptorist priest Gerry Maloney.


Gerry Maloney

Fr Gerry is a Redemptorist priest in the Irish province. He is editor at Redemptorist Communications, our sister publishing house.

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