Sunday Blue

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Available in A4 (single-sided) and A5 (double-sided), Sunday (blue) provides all that is necessary for full participation in the Sunday service. Contains the collect, the text of the first and second readings, as well as the Gospel and the post communion prayer. The readings are from the NRSV translation. Sunday (blue) follows the Common Worship lectionary (related readings) and the psalm translation is also Common Worship, with a specialy composed musical setting included (choir and keyboard parts are available).

Sunday Blue

Sunday Blue Alternative Leaflets

LP Blue

Large Print Leaflet

This leaflet is available in large print format, visit our downloads website to download the large print leaflet for this Sunday.


Alternative Sunday Leaflets

The alternative Sunday leaflets are now available on our dedicated downloads website and are available free of charge to subscribers, please click here.


Music for the Responsorial Psalms

These psalm translations are taken from the Common Worship psalter. This music corresponds with the Sunday Blue sheets. The psalms are written to be easily accessible by churches of all sizes and resources. The responses and psalms are written in a straightforward key and comfortable register to enable a congregation to pick up the response quickly. Available as a download only in 3 month batches, click here to order.


If you would like a free month's trial of this parish bulletin, without any further obligation, you just have to ask and as long as we have sufficient stocks, we will provide you with copies immediately.  Let us know how many copies you require each week, your parish name and delivery address and we will send you enough to cover a full month in your parish absolutely free.